How can I take Protebio?

If we take Protebio as substitute for other protein sources (following a non-animal protein diet, but varied in the consumption of pulses, seeds and cereals) we should take then around 35g Protebio. This quantity could be reduced if the diet includes other protein food, such as dairy products, soya, algae…

If we take Protebio as protein supplementation, it is recommended to take 1 or 2 tablespoonfuls per day (preferably in the morning) dissolved in juice, milk, vegetable drink, yoghurt, etc.

Because of its high fibre content, it is recommended to take 2 litres water per day.

Protebio for Sportsmen

Protebio can be taken as protein supplementation. Following a varied and balanced diet, the Recommended Daily Dose of Protebio is 3 tablespoonfuls or 1 bag of 35g per day (30-35g). In order to get a higher protein contribution, the quantity of Protebio could be increased up to 6 tablespoonfuls or 2 bags per day (60-70g).

Due to its slow absorption and, in order to get better assimilation of proteins, the most recommendable moments to take Protebio are just before going to bed, between meals or several hours before training. Thus, we get progressive amino acids assimilation.

Protebio is organic

Protebio comes from certified organic agriculture; it means that it does not contain pesticide residues and that has been raised respecting the environment. It should also be noted that, against other proteins, the environmental cost of Protebio is lower.

Protebio is a product obtained by means of natural extraction processes; these natural extraction processes contribute to the complete preservation of its excellent nutritional properties.

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